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Adam Charanek
+1.403.232.0727 Calgary Sales & Leasing, Office
Dalia Charles
Payroll Manager
+1 647.598.2312 Toronto Corporate Finance
Stella Charvet
Client Services Coordinator
702.637.7660 Las Vegas Marketing
Sophia Chen
Accounts Payable Clerk
+1 647.696.4656 Toronto Operations & Administrative
May Chen
Senior Financial Analyst
617.250.7600 Boston Corporate Finance
Daniel Cheng
Vice President
1.919.420.1558 Raleigh-Durham Capital Markets Group
Andrew Cherry
Principal, Retail Agency
+44 (0)20 7317 3792 London - Ganton Street Retail
Tanya Cheung
Senior Marketing Manager
604.900.5216 Vancouver Operations & Administrative, Marketing
Richard Chilcott
Principal, Sales Representative
+1 416.673.4053 Toronto Capital Markets Group, Investment Sales
Frank Chilcutt
Building Engineer
512.474.2411 Austin Facility Management, Property Management, Project Management
Sophrona Chinoy
+1 703.760.9053 Tysons Marketing
Susie Choe
Property Manager
+1 213.247.4417 Downtown Los Angeles Property Management
Sam Chow
Vice President
424.257.6478 West Los Angeles Capital Markets Group, Investment, Multi-Family
Maggie Christie, AACI, P.APP
Vice President, Valuation and Advisory Services
+1 905.968.8067 Toronto North Valuation Advisory Services
Michael Church
Managing Director, Principal, Broker
613.567.6634 Ottawa Investment, Office Leasing, Occupier Solutions, Associations and Nonprofits
Martina Cifer
+36 30 280 2545 Budapest Office Leasing
Leslie G. Ciucci
Vice President
+1 301.417.1082 Suburban Maryland Property Management
Tom Clancy
Broker, Principal
+1 905.283.2388 Toronto West Industrial, Investment, Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
Katelyn Clapp
Senior Treasury Analyst
+1 312 796 0378 Chicago
Liz Clare, CCIM
702.637.7727 Las Vegas Investment, Retail, Sales & Leasing
Paul Clark
+1 213.618.3827 Downtown Los Angeles Capital Markets Group, Industrial, Investment, Multi-Family
Stephanie Clark
Collections Coordinator
+1.404.865.3663 Atlanta Property Management
Sean Clark
Senior Associate
+1.403.232.4384 Calgary Sales & Leasing, Office
Elizabeth Clark
Administrative Coordinator
+1 510.273.8555 Oakland Property Management
Kevin Clarke
Sr. Vice President
412.944.2128 Pittsburgh Property Management
Tanner Clarkson
604.647.1356 Vancouver Sales & Leasing, Office
Nick Claudio
Vice President
704.512.0231 Charlotte Office Leasing, Tenant Representation
Janet Clayton
919.420.1581 Raleigh-Durham Health Care, Sales & Leasing
Leigh Cline
Marketing Coordinator
+1 703.760.3640 Tysons Marketing
Marisha Clinton
Senior Director
212.729.1193 New York City Valuation Advisory Services